At the North Kingstown Wellness Center, we are dedicated to providing safe and effective treatment approaches while promoting the well-being of each and every patient.

About Jessamyn G. Tallyn

I am an Osteopathic Practitioner, previously registered with the General Osteopathic Council in the UK, where I ran a successful Osteopathy practice. Since starting my practice in the USA in 2014, I became licensed with the International Osteopathic Association, permitting me to practice manual osteopathy in the USA and abroad.

I have been a practitioner of bodywork science and healing arts for the past 13 years. A healthy lifestyle is at the core of my values. My life experience and studies have brought me to see that health on our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual levels are interrelated.

My work is to help people of all ages experience their natural state of well-being and sense of comfort in their bodies. Each patient's injury or pain is investigated, understood and treated. Each session incorporates a unique blend of techniques to promote health and well-being into body, mind and spirit for each person.

In 2004 I began studying an ancient Japanese system of energy healing known as Jin Shin Jyutsu which unblocks and harmonizes energy flow in the body. Because it is effective and promotes relaxation of the body, I have continued to incorporate this into many of my osteopathic sessions with people.

In 2006 I embarked on a formal training in Manual Osteopathy at the European School of Osteopathy (ESO) in Maidstone, England. After three years at the ESO, I continued my training at The College of Osteopaths, at Keele University, where I completed my qualification as an Osteopath and over 1200 hours of clinical experience. The clinical experience involves diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal conditions for people of all ages.

I established and managed my own successful practice in Machynlleth, Wales for three years, beginning in 2011, and in 2012 I received a First Class Honors degree in Osteopathy.

The rigorous training for this degree included therapeutic osteopathy techniques, musculoskeletal diagnosis, in-depth postural analysis and hands-on palpation to assess body alignment and cause of symptoms.

Also at the core of this science are in-depth studies in osteopathic philosophy, anatomy, physiology, neuroscience, pathology, orthopedics, biomechanics and research. For more information on Manual Osteopathy and my training please visit the European School of Osteopathy’s website.

For more information on Osteopathy, please visit the website of the International Osteopathic Association.

This is a different qualification than the Osteopaths (DO's) in the USA who are trained in medicine and have the same rights to practice medicine as a medical doctor.

I am trained to practice the hands on osteopathic therapies, the original components of osteopathy and Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine. I do not prescribe allopathic medications, nor do I perform surgery.