"My knees were painful for years until, at the age of 70, I saw Jessamyn. After two treatments I can walk without pain! Jessamyn's thorough and caring approach helped me feel safe and relaxed. I travel an hour to see her."

Sandra Whittle, Educator and Homeopath

"After I had a breached baby, I struggled with breathing due to a tight thoracic diaphragm. My diaphragm is functioning much better now and my breath flows more easily after having a few treatments with Jessamyn. I feel in really safe hands when I am being treated by Jessamyn, and a deep sense of calm and peace."

Katie Tuxworth, Manager and Yoga Teacher

"I suffered from regular aches and pains caused by a car crash in my teens. Jessamyn was able to release tension in my neck and ease the pain through osteopathy. I can't recommend her enough."

Aled Jones, Engineer

"Jessamyn has a skillful and caring presence, which helps me sense into what is going on in my body. When I am in her care, I feel deeply held. I always gain insight into what is preventing the flow of energy in my body. I leave feeling more whole, connected and grounded." (View her blog post on Pain.)

Katherine Grigg, RSMT

Lucy Baird

"Jess gave my son, Tomos, a series of treatments when he was 1. She was confident and professional as well as being able to engage and work with an active and playful child. The treatments really settled him, especially his posture and walking. His temperament also calmed. He was a cesarean baby and I felt these sessions helped to realign him in many ways. Jess is highly knowledgeable and also intuitive - a perfect combination to work with children"

Lucy Baird, English Teacher and Mother

"I took my four-month-old child to see Jessamyn after weeks of her finding it difficult to fall asleep. The positive results were immediate, with her sleeping more often, for longer and with less tears. I was then treated myself, for general birth aches and strains. I would recommend this to anyone with a newborn to ease any aches often associated with caring for a new baby. Thanks, Jessamyn.”

Tess Jenkins, Mother of Two

"Treatment with Jessamyn was a calm and pleasant experience, and it brought about substantial and immediate relief to my recurring neck problems."

Peter Cameron, Business Consultant

"I think about you and your work every time I drive past my chiropractor’s office, because I haven't had any sacral pain or needed an adjustment in months, since my first session with you! Whatever you did appears to have shifted things on a very deep/alignment/balanced level that has 'fixed' my body!"

Holly D., Author